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Painting on Glass with Grisaille and Enamels

The use of grisaille and fired enamels allows you to personalize your pieces directly from firing, fusing the color permanently to the glass.

Grisaille is a brown, brown, black and gray paint obtained with iron oxide and vitreous flux. It can be spread with greasy medium to define the contours or with water to create chiaroscuro.

Respecting the most ancient techniques, grisaille and kiln-fired enamel painting is particularly suitable for the creation of sacred art stained glass windows.

Each tile is painted pictorially with grisaille and enamels to outline clear contours, shading and strengthen the colors of the glass. Firing happens in a kiln at 600° – 650° C. makes the painting indelible.

We have the widest range of products for fired decoration: from grisaille, transparent and opaque and relief enamels for artistic use, to industrial paints for applications on objects