Kiln Fired Painted Stained Glass

Painted stained glass uses  grisaille and enamels that are later kiln fired. This enables you to blend colours and permanently bond them to the glass.

The grisaille can be brown, brown-black, or gray; the different colours being obtained by using iron oxide and glass powder. It can be applied to a flat media wither as tracing lines or as a thin coat to create shading and shadows.

Painting glass with grisaille and enamels and then kiln firing the pieces is the traditional technique used to make stained glass, particularly for religious art.

Once each glass piece is painted it is fired at between 600°C and 650°C, making the painting indelible.  The image is often built up in several stages, and different enamels have different firing temperatures.

We have an extensive range of decorative products including transparent and opaque enamels  for artistic use, as well as paints for industrial applications.